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Yellow-mantled Widowbird

A Yellow-mantled Widowbird (Euplectes macroura) perched on a twig along with a swallow.

A Yellow-mantled Widowbird <i>(Euplectes macroura)</i> perched on a twig along with a swallow.

African Orange-bellied Parrot

An African Orange-bellied Parrot (Poicephalus rufiventris).

An African Orange-bellied Parrot <i>(Poicephalus rufiventris)</i>.


An Indian Elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) reaching for some succulent young leaves.

An Indian Elephant <i>(Elephas maximus indicus)</i> reaching for some succulent young leaves.

Leopard Grooming

A male Leopard (Panthera Pardus) grooming.

A male Leopard <i>(Panthera Pardus)</i> grooming.


A Coke's Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus cokii) fawn trying to steady itself.

A Coke's Hartebeest <i>(Alcelaphus buselaphus cokii)</i> fawn trying to steady itself.

African Wattled Lapwing

An African Wattled Lapwing (Vanellus senegallus).

An African Wattled Lapwing <i>(Vanellus senegallus)</i>.

On The Prowl

A male Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris) on the prowl in the Bandipur National Park.

A male Bengal Tiger <i>(Panthera tigris)</i> on the prowl in the Bandipur National Park.

Black-hooded Oriole

A Black-hooded Oriole (Oriolus xanthornus).

A Black-hooded Oriole <i>(Oriolus xanthornus)</i>.

Yellow-necked Spurfowl

A Yellow-necked Spurfowl (Pternistis leucoscepus).

A Yellow-necked Spurfowl <i>(Pternistis leucoscepus)</i>.


Lionesses (Panthera leo) quenching their thirst.

Lionesses <i>(Panthera leo)</i> quenching their thirst.

Coppersmith Barbet

A Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima haemacephala) touching down on a branch.

A Coppersmith Barbet <i>(Megalaima haemacephala)</i> touching down on a branch.

Yellow-throated Longclaw

A Yellow-throated Longclaw (Macronyx croceus) standing tall.

A Yellow-throated Longclaw <i>(Macronyx croceus)</i> standing tall.

Juvenile Changeable Hawk-Eagle

A young Changeable Hawk-Eagle (Nisaetus cirrhatus) on the lookout.

A young Changeable Hawk-Eagle <i>(Nisaetus cirrhatus)</i> on the lookout.

Leopard's Look

A male leopard (Panthera pardus) staring into the distance.

A male leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> staring into the distance.

Portrait of a Tiger

Portrait of a male Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris).

Portrait of a male Bengal Tiger <i>(Panthera tigris)</i>.

Hume's Wheatear

A Hume's Wheatear (Oenanthe albonigra)

A Hume's Wheatear <i>(Oenanthe albonigra)</i>

Male Blackbuck

An adult male blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra).

An adult male blackbuck <i>(Antilope cervicapra)</i>.

Common Iora

A female Common Iora (Aegithina tiphia).

A female Common Iora <i>(Aegithina tiphia)</i>.

Black-bellied Bustard

A Black-bellied Bustard (Lissotis melanogaster) in flight.

A Black-bellied Bustard <i>(Lissotis melanogaster)</i> in flight.

Done and Dusted

A Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) drags away his catch.

A Cheetah <i>(Acinonyx jubatus)</i> drags away his catch.

Food for thought

A langur (Semnopithecus hypoleucos) chewing on a leaf.

A langur <i>(Semnopithecus hypoleucos)</i> chewing on a leaf.

Bare-faced Go-away bird

A Bare-faced Go-away bird (Corythaixoides personatus).

A Bare-faced Go-away bird <i>(Corythaixoides personatus)</i>.

Green Bee-eater

A green bee-eater (Merops orientalis) perched on a twig.

A green bee-eater <i>(Merops orientalis)</i> perched on a twig.

On The Run

A Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) on the run.

A Spotted Hyena <i>(Crocuta crocuta)</i> on the run.

Lilac-breasted Roller

A Lilac-breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus) keeping an eye on things.

A Lilac-breasted Roller <i>(Coracias caudatus)</i> keeping an eye on things.
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