Chetan Rangaraj

Nature & Wildlife Photography

A Blue Wildebeest <i>(Connochaetes taurinus)</i> mother and calf.
A female Cheetah <i>(Acinonyx jubatus)</i>.
A large African Elephant <i>(Loxodonta africana)</i> bull.
A Handsome Woman
A lioness <i>(Panthera leo)</i> staring intently into the distance.
A Tawny Eagle <i>(Aquila rapax)</i> takes off.
Grey Crowned Crane
An endangered Grey Crowned Crane <i>(Balearica regulorum)</i>.
Rufous-naped Lark
A Rufous-naped Lark <i>(Mirafra africana)</i> singing a merry tune.
Yellow-mantled Widowbird
A Yellow-mantled Widowbird <i>(Euplectes macroura)</i> perched on a twig along with a swallow.
Black-bellied Bustard
A Black-bellied Bustard <i>(Lissotis melanogaster)</i> in flight.
White-browed Coucal
A White-browed Coucal <i>(Centropus superciliosus)</i>.
Magpie Shrike
A Magpie Shrike <i>(Urolestes melanoleucus)</i> perched on a twig.
A pair of Ostriches <i>(Struthio camelus)</i>, the largest species of bird.
Crowned Lapwing
A Crowned Lapwing <i>(Vanellus coronatus)</i>.
White-bellied Bustard
A White-bellied Bustard <i>(Eupodotis senegalensis)</i> in the long grass.
The Secretary
A Secretary Bird <i>(Sagittarius serpentarius)</i>.
Sooty Chat
A Sooty Chat <i>(Myrmecocichla nigra)</i>.
Lesser Blue-eared Starling
A Lesser Blue-eared Starling <i>(Lamprotornis chloropterus)</i> on the lookout.
Lilac-breasted Roller
A Lilac-breasted Roller <i>(Coracias caudatus)</i> keeping an eye on things.
African Wattled Lapwing
An African Wattled Lapwing <i>(Vanellus senegallus)</i>.
Portrait of a Grey Crowned Crane <i>(Balearica regulorum)</i>.
White-browed Robin-Chat
A pair of White-browed Robin-Chats <i>(Cossypha heuglini)</i>.
Yellow-throated Longclaw
A Yellow-throated Longclaw <i>(Macronyx croceus)</i> standing tall.
Brown-throated Wattle-eye
A Brown-throated Wattle-eye <i>(Platysteira cyanea)</i>.
Three-banded Plover
A Three-banded Plover <i>(Charadrius tricollaris)</i> wading in a puddle.