Chetan Rangaraj

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Sloth Bear
A Sloth Bear <i>(Melursus ursinus)</i>
Jungle Owlet
A Jungle Owlet <i>(Glaucidium radiatum)</i>.
Scarlet Minivet
A Scarlet Minivet <i>(Pericrocotus flammeus)</i>.
Black Ibis
A Black Ibis <i>(Pseudibis papillosa)</i>.
Black Wood Spider
A pair of Black Wood Spiders <i>(Nephila kuhlii)</i>, the female feeding on a moth.
Greater Flameback
A Greater Flameback <i>(Chrysocolaptes lucidus)</i> woodpecker.
Young Crested Serpent Eagle
A young Crested Serpent Eagle <i>(Spilornis cheela)</i>.
Greater Flameback
A Greater Flameback <i>(Chrysocolaptes lucidus)</i> woodpecker.
On The Lookout
A male Leopard <i>(Panthera Pardus)</i> on the lookout.
Juvenile Changeable Hawk-Eagle
A young Changeable Hawk-Eagle <i>(Nisaetus cirrhatus)</i> on the lookout.
A TreeHugger
A young male Leopard <i>(Panthera Pardus)</i>.
An alert adult Dhole <i>(Cuon alpinus)</i>.
Leopard Grooming
A male Leopard <i>(Panthera Pardus)</i> grooming.
A Vigorous Stretch
A male Leopard <i>(Panthera Pardus)</i> stretching.
Tiger In Thicket
A male Bengal Tiger <i>(Panthera Tigris)</i> lazing around in a thicket.
Juvenile Crested Serpent Eagle
A Juvenile Crested Serpent Eagle <i>(Spilornis cheela)</i>.
Common Woodshrike
A Common Woodshrike <i>(Tephrodornis pondicerianus)</i> with a catch.
Oriental Darter
An Oriental Darter <i>(Anhinga melanogaster)</i>.
White-bellied Woodpecker
A White-bellied Woodpecker <i>(Dryocopus javensis)</i>.
Long-tailed Shrike
A Long-tailed Shrike <i>(Lanius schach)</i> perced on a branch.
Red-wattled Lapwing
A Red-wattled Lapwing <i>(Vanellus indicus)</i> juvenile sheltering under its parent.
Purple-rumped Sunbird
A male Purple-rumped Sunbird <i>(Leptocoma zeylonica)</i> feeding off lantana.
Bonnet Macaque
A Bonnet Macaque <i>(Macaca radiata)</i> mother and child.
Spot-billed Duck
A Spot-billed Duck <i>(Anas poecilorhyncha poecilorhyncha)</i> foraging amongst water lilies.