Chetan Rangaraj

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Black Kite
A black kite <i>(Milvus migrans)</i> perched on a termite mound.
A Black Drongo <i>(Dicrurus macrocercus)</i> in early morning light.
A Common Kestrel <i>(Falco tinnunculus)</i> in early morning light.
Purple Heron
A Purple Heron <i>(Ardea purpurea manilensis)</i> perched on a tree stump.
Alert Blackbucks
A group of alert blackbucks <i>(Antilope cervicapra)</i>.
Leopard's Kill - 1
A Leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> taking down a Sambar <i>(Cervus unicolor)</i> doe.
Leopard's Kill - 2
A Leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> taking down a Sambar <i>(Cervus unicolor)</i> doe.
Leopard's Kill - 3
A Leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> attempting to drag away a fresh Sambar <i>(Cervus unicolor)</i> doe kill.
Leopard's Kill - 4
A Leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> resting beside a fresh Sambar <i>(Cervus unicolor)</i> doe kill.
Grey Francolin
A Grey Francolin <i>(Francolinus pondicerianus)</i> on the move.
Green Bee-eater
A green bee-eater <i>(Merops orientalis)</i> perched on a twig.
Brown Fish-owl
A Brown Fish-owl <i>(Bubo zeylonensis leschenault)</i>.
A group of nine Smooth-coated otters <i>(Lutrogale perspicillata)</i> on a sand bank.
Grizzled Giant Squirrel
A grizzled giant squirrel <i>(Ratufa macroura)</i> up a tree.
Common Kingfisher
A common kingfisher <i>(Alcedo atthis taprobana)</i> on the banks of the Kabini.
Leopard's Look
A male leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> staring into the distance.
Juvenile Blackbuck
A juvenile male blackbuck <i>(Antilope cervicapra)</i> in early morning light.
Elephants Bathing
Mother and calf cooling off in a waterhole.
Rat Snake
A rat snake standing tall on the lookout.
Marsh Harrier
A Marsh Harrier <i>(Circus aeruginosus)</i> on the ground.
A pair of Chital <i>(Axis axis)</i> watching a leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> on the ground.
Strutting his stuff
A Blue Indian Peacock <i>(Pavo cristatus)</i> trying to impress the ladies.
Small Minivet
A small minivet <i>(Pericrocotus cinnamomeus)</i>.
Red-wattled Lapwing
A Red-wattled Lapwing <i>(Vanellus indicus)</i>.