Chetan Rangaraj

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Remains of the day
A pair of spotted hyena <i>(Crocuta crocuta)</i> feeding on the remains of a Puku <i>(Kobus vardonii)</i> as an African fish eagle looks on.
Greater Kudu
A herd of Greater Kudu <i>(Tragelaphus strepsiceros)</i> on the move.
The flank of a Thornicroft's Giraffe <i>(Giraffe tippelskirchi)</i>.
A leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> cub play-fighting with it's mother.
A herd of Rhodesian giraffe <i>(Giraffe tippelskirchi)</i> having a drink at the Luangwa.
The Itch
An African elephant <i>(Loxodonta africana)</i> attending to an itch.
Thornicroft's Giraffe <i>(Giraffa tippelskirchi)</i> on the move.
Warts and all
A warthog <i>(Phacochoerus africans)</i> feeding.
A male Greater Kudu <i>(Tragelaphus strepsiceros)</i>.
Yellow Baboon
A yellow baboon <i>(Papio cynocephalus)</i> keeping an eye on things.
Panic in the pod
A pod of hippos rush into the Luangwa.
Southern carmine bee-eater
A Southern carmine bee-eater <i>(Merops nubicoides)</i>.
Saddle-billed Stork
A saddle-billed stork <i>(Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis)</i> lifts off.
Juvenile Bateleur
A young bateleur <i>(Terathopius ecaudatus)</i> eagle.
Lilac-breasted Roller
A lilac-breasted roller <i>(Caracas caudatus)</i> on the wing.
African fish eagle
An African fish eagle <i>(Haliaeetus vocoder)</i> perched on the banks of the Luwangwa river.
Vultures on a cape buffalo carcass.
Pied Kingfisher
A pied kingfisher <i>(Ceryle audis)</i>.
Saddle-billed Stork
A saddle-billed stork <i>(Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis)</i> on the banks of a lagoon.
Southern Red-billed Hornbill
A southern red-billed hornbill <i>(Tockus rufirostris)</i>.
A Southern ground hornbill <i>(Bucorvus leadbeateri)</i> feeding.