Chetan Rangaraj

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Brown-hooded Kingfisher
A brown-hooded kingfisher <i>(Halcyon albiventris)</i> surveying its realm.
White-browed sparrow-weaver
A white-browed sparrow-weaver <i>(Plocepasser mahali)</i>.
Red-necked Spurfowl
A red-necked spurfowl <i>(Pternistis afer)</i> or red-necked francolin.
Meve's Starling
A Meve's starling or Meve's glossy-starling <i>(Lamprotornis mevesii)</i>.
Red-billed Oxpecker
A red-billed oxpecker <i>(Buphagus erythrorhynchus)</i> hitching a ride on a zebra.
White-crowned Lapwing
A white-crowned lapwing <i>(Vanillas albiceps)</i> on the move.
Southern Ground Hornbill
A Southern Ground Hornbill <i>(Bucorvus leadbeateri)</i> preening.
Yellow-billed Kite
A yellow-billed kite <i>(Milvus aegyptius)</i> lifting off.
Helmeted Guineafowl
A flock of Helmeted Guineafowl <i>(Numidia meleagris)</i> scurrying away from a water hole.
A hamerkop <i>(Scopes umbretta)</i> foraging.
Hadeda Ibis
A hadeda ibis <i>(Bostrychia hagedash)</i> foraging.
Water Thick-knee
A Water thick-knee <i>(Burhinus vermiculatus)</i>.
Malachite Kingfisher
A Malachite kingfisher <i>(Corythornis cristatus)</i>.
Marabou Stork
A Marabou Stork with a prize catch.
High Ground
A female Tiger surveying her territory.
A Barking Deer on the run.
A Grey heron <i>(Ardea cinerea)</i> flies past a Spot-billed pelican <i>(Pelecanus philippensis)</i>.
Spot-billed pelican
A Spot-billed pelican <i>(Pelecanus philippensis)</i>.
Brahminy kite
A Brahminy kite <i>(Haliastur indus)</i>.
Plain Prinia
A Plain Prinia <i>(Prinia inornata)</i>.
Purple Heron
A Purple Heron <i>(Ardea purpurea)</i> stalking.
Hassled Harrier
A pair of Western Marsh Harriers <i>(Circus aeruginosus)</i> squabbling.
A male leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> grooming after a meal.
A female leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> at a spotted deer kill.