Chetan Rangaraj

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Masai Giraffes
A tigress marking her territory.
A male leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> on it's way down.
Joined at the hip
A pair of spotted deer <i>(Axis axis)</i> at a waterhole.
A pair of African painted dogs <i>(Lycaon rictus)</i> frolicking after an early morning meal.
Leopard Cub
A Leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> cub.
A male puku <i>(Kobus vardonii)</i>.
Cookson's Wildebeest
A stampede of Cookson's wildebeest <i>(Connochaetes taurinus)</i>.
The Cannibal
A spotted hyena <i>(Crocuta crocuta)</i> with the head of another.
A pair of zebra on the move.
An African wild dog <i>(Lycaon rictus)</i>.
Elephant Shrew
A short-snouted elephant shrew <i>(Elephantulus brachyrhynchus)</i>.
After Hours
A leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> blending in with it's surroundings.
A hippopotamus <i>(Hippopotamus amphibious)</i> on the move in the early morning.
Vervet Monkey
A young vervet monkey <i>(Chlorocebus pygerythrus)</i> feeding.
Lazing Around
A pride of lions <i>(Panthera leo)</i> relaxing on the banks of the Luangwa.
Remains of the day
A pair of spotted hyena <i>(Crocuta crocuta)</i> feeding on the remains of a Puku <i>(Kobus vardonii)</i> as an African fish eagle looks on.
Greater Kudu
A herd of Greater Kudu <i>(Tragelaphus strepsiceros)</i> on the move.
The flank of a Thornicroft's Giraffe <i>(Giraffe tippelskirchi)</i>.
A leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> cub play-fighting with it's mother.
A herd of Rhodesian giraffe <i>(Giraffe tippelskirchi)</i> having a drink at the Luangwa.
The Itch
An African elephant <i>(Loxodonta africana)</i> attending to an itch.