Chetan Rangaraj

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Common Indian Monitor
Agama Lizard
Storm clouds rolling into the Waimangu volcanic valley.
The Inferno
A steaming crater lake at the side of Mt. Hazard in Waimangu.
Primordial soup
Red Algae at the Southern Crater at Waimangu.
Sunrise at The Mara
Common Indian Monitor
A Common Indian Monitor flicking it's forked tongue.
Crimson Rose
A Crimson Rose <i>(Atrophaneura hector)</i> butterfly touching down.
Common Tiger
A Common Tiger <i>(Danaus genutia)</i> butterfly feeding
Black Wood Spider
A pair of Black Wood Spiders <i>(Nephila kuhlii)</i>, the female feeding on a moth.
Tangerine Sky
The Badhra Reservoir at sunset.
Giant Wood Spider
A Giant Wood Spider <i>(Nephila pilipes jalorensis)</i>.
Rat Snake
A rat snake standing tall on the lookout.
Atlas Moth
A large Atlas Moth <i>(Attacus atlas)</i>.
The Lake
The Kabini Reservoir at dusk.
Mantis on Orchid
A praying mantis on an orchid.
Gossamer Wings
A dragonfly basking on the banks of the Kabini.
The Mugger
A mugger or marsh crocodile <i>(Crocodylus palustris)</i> on the banks of the river Cauvery.
Thin Lizzie
A Garden Lizard hunting for termites.