Chetan Rangaraj

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Soggy Snack
A Dhole <i>(Cuon alpinus)</i> or Indian wild dog enjoying a snack in the rain.
A Tusker browsing on the banks of the Kabini.
Indian pond heron
An India pond heron <i>(Ardeola grayii)</i> fishing.
Malabar trogon
<i>Harpactes fasciatus</i>
A juvenile shikra <i>(Accipiter badius)</i>.
Green Bee-eaters
A pair of green bee-eaters <i>(Merops orientalis)</i>.
Brown Shrike
<i>Lanius cristatus</i>
Crested Serpent Eagle
<i>Spilornis cheela</i>
A Green Sandpiper
<i>Tringa ochropus</i>
Walking the line
A female tiger <i>(Panthera tigris)</i> walking up a forest trail.
A Line-up
A troop of Hanuman langurs.
An exquisite female leopard <i>(Panthera pardus)</i> on a misty morning in Nagarhole.
A female tiger <i>(Panthera tigris)</i> at home in the jungles of Nagarhole.
Indian Jackal
An Indian jackal <i>(Canis aureus indicus)</i> on the lookout.
Common Tailorbird
A Common Tailorbord <i>(Orthotomus sutorius)</i>.
Day's End
A Zebra <i>(Equus quagga)</i> walks into the sunset at the end of a smashing day at the Serengeti.
Black Rhinoceros
A black rhinoceros <i>(Diceros bicornis)</i> on the move.
Panic on the Plains
A herd of Zebra <i>(Equus quagga)</i> panic as a Lion <i>(Panthera leo)</i> cub approaches.
A Leap of Faith
A Vervet monkey <i>(Chlorocebus pygerythrus)</i> leaps off a tree.
A nervous Cheetah <i>(Acinonyx jubatus)</i> on the lookout after a drink.
The March
A pair of young African elephants <i>(Loxodonta africana)</i> marching on the banks of the Tarangire.
Zebra <i>(Equus quagga)</i> at a waterhole.